DS18 DSP Crossover & Equalizer 6 Channel Digital Processor Bluetooth


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DS18 DSP Crossover & Equalizer 6 Channel Digital Processor Bluetooth DSP2.6DBT

What is power without control? The DSP2.6DBT, the latest addition to our line of Digital Sound Processors, gives listeners unchecked control over every facet of their audio system allowing easy and precise setting filtration. The DSP2.6DBT allows you to access untapped power in your vehicle’s audio system, and give you the control needed to handle and achieve the quality of sound you desire. With audio filtration settings accessible directly from your phone, getting the most crispy audio possible has never been easier.

The DSP2.6DBT gives you access to a great number of tuning options that can be adjusted using the DSP2.6DBT Application on the App Store or Google Play.


- Easy to use software found on Google Play or the App Store to fine tune and monitor every aspect of your signal processing.
- Crossover with filters; Butter worth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel, with attenuations from 6dB/OCT until 48dB/OCT.
- Bluetooth connectivity to allow for easy and accessible audio tuning
- Input equalizer with 28 bands between 1/4 Octave.
- 2 RCA Channel Audio Input.
- 2 RCA Channel Linked Output.
- 6 RCA Channel Outputs.
- 3 Audio Custom Presets.
- Pink Noise Generator.

This listing includes:
(1) DS18 6 Channel Crossover & Equalizer DSP2.6DBT

Input Type: Unbalanced
Input Connection: RCA
Input Max Level: Up to 6 Volts RMS
Input Impedance: 47k Ohms

Output Type: Unbalanced
Output Connection: RCA
Output Max Level: 2 Volts RMS
Output Impedance: 47k Ohms

Resolution: 24 Bits
Sample Frequency: 48KHz
Latency Frequency: 1.08 Ohms
Range Frequency: 15Hz a 22KHz (-1dB)
THD+N Max: 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Pow Supply Voltage: 10 ~ 15 VDC
Consumption: 300mA (5W)
Fuse: 2 A

Length: 9.84“
Width: 4.72“
Height: 1.18“
Weight: 13.4 Oz

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