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Kicker - Livin' Loud

From the beginning, Kicker has been based upon innovation, from the world's first full-range speaker enclosure to the most modern amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers on the market. Kicker products are designed, created, engineered, tested and verified from the company's Stillwater, Oklahoma headquarters. More than 30 acoustic, mechanical, electrical and quality-control engineers in six independent labs work tirelessly in a 12,000 square foot facility. Using Lab-Grade tools from Klippel, Audio Precision and others, we bring you products that live up to our rigorous standards of quality and reliability. Only then do we say they are worthy of our ears - and of the Kicker name.

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The Original KICKER was made for use behind the seat in pickup trucks, and at the time thousands of the vehicles rolled along Oklahoma roads due to a recent oil boom. Because Irby had already been making a living designing and building the larger P.A. speakers, he literally overdesigned the much smaller Original KICKER. It produced a ton of bass, and when customers had it installed, heard it, and felt the enormous rumble through their truck seat, they said it “really kicked.”
Shortly thereafter, KICKER created a line of single subwoofers, which they named “Separates” to distinguish them from the KICKER subwoofer-loaded enclosures. The Competition Series of Separates was a popular selection for those consumers seeking to build their own bass-makers in their vehicles. To this day, we receive stories weekly from consumers who began driving with KICKER Comp Subs providing the bass.