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The Original KICKER was made for use behind the seat in pickup trucks, and at the time thousands of the vehicles rolled along Oklahoma roads due to a recent oil boom. Because Irby had already been making a living designing and building the larger P.A. speakers, he literally overdesigned the much smaller Original KICKER. It produced a ton of bass, and when customers had it installed, heard it, and felt the enormous rumble through their truck seat, they said it “really kicked.”

Shortly thereafter, KICKER created a line of single subwoofers, which they named “Separates” to distinguish them from the KICKER subwoofer-loaded enclosures. The Competition Series of Separates was a popular selection for those consumers seeking to build their own bass-makers in their vehicles. To this day, we receive stories weekly from consumers who began driving with KICKER Comp Subs providing the bass.

Mobile-Audio products sold under the KICKER brand name include:

  • L7®, CompQ®, Solo-Baric® L7S™, L7R™, L7T™, CompVX™, Competition Gold™, CompR®, CompRT®, CompVR®, CompVT™, CompC™ and Comp® Subwoofers;
  • KICKER Enclosures loaded with L7S, L7R, L7T, CompR, CompRT, CompVR, CompC and Comp Subwoofers;
  • KICKER Down-Firing Loaded Enclosures;
  • Hideaway™ Compact and PTRTP Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer;
  • KEY® Smart-Amp Technology and CX-Series Power Amplifiers;
  • QS-Series Point-Source Coaxial Speakers and Matched Component Systems;
  • KS-, CS-, and DS-Series Component Systems, Tweeters and Coaxial Speakers;
  • KM-Series Marine Media Centers with weather-band;
  • KM-Series Marine Subwoofers and Horn-Loaded Speakers with LED lighting;
  • KXMA-Series and KMA-Series Marine Power Amplifiers
  • KM-Series Horn-Loaded Tower Systems;
  • Powersports PX-Series Waterproof Power Amplifiers and PS-Series All-Weather Speakers;
  • Full-Range Outdoor/Indoor Systems - two-way, enclosed speakers;
  • Smart-Radio Interfaces and LOCs;
  • Audio Accessories, Power Kits, Brass and Wiring.