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Big Jeff Reviews

Based on 1652 reviews
Love it.

Have it powering two 600w Sundown Audio lcs 12's, and it is working amazing.


Shipping was very quick, came within two days of placing order. Subs overall play great, 10/10. Exceeded expectations

All around great purchase

Fast shipping, great price, monster good power love it

Awesome purchase

This enclosure came in with no issues and it is a great sub. Its got some serious power and its always just what I need to get my day started.


I've tried many subwoofers including the sundown zv6's and love them but wanted to change it up. I already had one of these laying around so I pulled the trigger and bought another from big Jeff. Currently running them on a deaf bonce 7900.1 and they hammer but definitely needs more power so I just ordered a deaf bonce atom 12.5k from big Jeff. It should be here this week. The subwoofer came really fast as well as everything I ordered from Big Jeff. Thank you so much 💪

Awesome Amp!

The Sundown SIA-3500D-V2 is a beast! Sleek design and reliable performance.

Novel idea especially for marine use

This is an excellent device for use in UTVs or in boats. This is an audio interface that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone and allow you to play whatever audio you prefer to listen to. This is the same size as marine rocker switches and snaps directly in the dash mounting hole. So you don’t have to install a full size stereo. You will need an amplifier and a pair of speakers. Connect the amplifier via the RCA outputs and the amplifier signal wire to control the amplifier on/off. Connect speakers then to the amplifier outputs and you are in business. This is super convenient and takes up little space. Installation is simple and straightforward but if you’re not experienced with audio installations seek assistance from someone knowledgeable. It is backlit for easy operation in any lighting conditions and it’s waterproof. The Bluetooth connects flawlessly and works great. I definitely recommend it. For the price it is a good value in my opinion.

Great Product, Misleading picture

Definitely a better quality terminal post than the cheap options from ebay/amazon. However, the picture is a little misleading. Shows 2 posts but you only get one.

Small System

I have 4 Avatar SVL 18's on 2 Deaf Bonce Atom 12.5K Pro and they barely move. I am considering adding 2 more 12.5k. Long story short, they serioulsy bang. I upgraded from Sundown X18's on Taramps 8ks. I love this new setup... Highly recommended..

Best add on

This thing is awesome, I love being able to keep an eye on each cells voltage. It's pretty small and was easy to mount where I wanted it


This battery is awesome. It has a big power of 13.8 volts. It works even when it's super hot or cold.

What a Box

Wow, this beast of a box was well worth the wait, you can fell the bass as I'm driving up the street.

The wedge design really allows for installation any where in the cab.

Putting this bad boy in the back of the cab!!

Can't wait to finish my build!

Bought a pair of the Ds18 PSW 10.2D Shallow mount speakers for this carpeted box, and now I'm stuck between doing an under the seat build or putting it behind the seats in the back of my truck. But the box Is great quality!!

My buddy has one of the king boxes in his f-150 and I figured I would get one for my truck. my two 8" sundown speakers sit in the box great!!


Man this sub brought me back to 08 with the black eyed peas BOOM BOOM BOOM!!

Drop in speakers

Needed some factory speakers but wanted somethign that sonded better this are way better than factory stock and they just drop in no hassle.

Easy plug n play

easy like it was built for it.
yeet the old ones out and plug in the new ones and enjoy the sound.

Easy install

The King Boxes Subwoofer is a game-changer for any car audio setup.

Just What I Needed

Teaching my son a little bit of wiring and building him a small tool box, and these flag spade connectors are perfect for the hard to reach corners.

Just What I Needed

Doing some wiring in the garage and I grabbed one of these 10/12 gauge flag terminal packs, finished my project and still had plenty left.

Excellent AMP

Must say I was pleasantly surprised at how well this amp drives all 4 of my SDA ZV6 12s. Does not break a sweat, no heat, just power with authority. I do have overkill electrical/Big4 with 5 LTOs, 15V steady and system has been consistent and of high quality. Not sure about longevity yet but my back glass will break at full tilt so I keep it at 1/2 for spirited comfortable listening. Quality Amp.

I got a cool car stereo, the Kenwood Single DIN KMM-BT332U, from Big Jeff Online Inc. It's small and easy to put in. It came with a special radio thing, SiriusXM, and it has Bluetooth, so I can talk on the phone and play music without wires. The sound is really good. Big Jeff also gave me discounts because I spent some money. If you like music in your car, this is a great choice!

I recently purchased the Kenwood Single DIN Stereo Receiver KDC-BT382U Plus SiriusXM Tuner Kit from Big Jeff Online Inc, and it has transformed my driving experience. The Alexa integration is a standout feature, and I love being able to control the music and more with just my voice. The variable illumination adds a personalized touch, making it aesthetically pleasing. The SiriusXM Ready capability ensures a diverse range of music options, and the front USB and AUX ports are incredibly convenient. Big Jeff's service was excellent, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase.