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Win a FREE Black Diamond Subwoofer System

Hunter HughesNov 23, '21

This Black Friday (Nov 26th) we'll be giving away a FREE Black Diamond audio subwoofer combo, complete with amp and speaker box!

Build the BEST Car Audio System

MadwireJun 25, '21

Speakers, Amplifiers, & Stereos for Some Seriously Strong Sound   Get The Best In Mobile Audio   “Neill Barber's LOUD ASS Mids & Highs” — k3n12ock. YouTube. Want Loud, Clear Mids? Get Pro Mobile Audio.  Why get a loud car audio system? Because you can! Loud and loud is...

How to Blow Your Speakers So You Have an Excuse to Buy More

MadwireJun 10, '21

Why Car Speakers Blow Out & What You Can Do About It Shop Pro Car Audio Online “Tell If Your Car Speakers Are Blown” — How To DIY & VR Gaming. YouTube.” Did You Blow Your Cheap Speakers So You Have an Excuse to Upgrade? Bumping your favorite tunes...

How Much Bass Is Too Much Bass?

MadwireJun 7, '21

Depends On What You Can Afford! Best Value Subwoofers For Sale Online Subwoofer Hair Tricks. Blonde Girl Basshead Hair Trick. Source: Subwoofer Videos on YouTube Does Your Car Have Hair-Raising Bass? It can be a challenge finding the subwoofer that fits your taste, budget, and how far you are going...