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Jeremy Caruthers: Uniting Car Enthusiasts Through Visionary Car Shows

Jeremy Caruthers: Uniting Car Enthusiasts Through Visionary Car Shows

  • Jeremy Caruthers is no stranger to the world of car shows and automotive enthusiasm. As an organizer and visionary, he has played a pivotal role in bringing car enthusiasts together and creating unforgettable events. In this interview, Jeremy shares his journey, the philosophy behind his shows, and his commitment to making a positive impact.


  • How long have you been involved in organizing and hosting car shows?
  • Jeremy Caruthers: I've been involved in organizing car shows since around 2006, with our first show, Unite, debuting in 2007. The journey started with a close friend and me launching Our goal was to shine a spotlight on car show attendees and their exceptional builds, not just the big names you often see in magazines. This passion for the community eventually led us to want to create our own event, and it turned out to be a massive success. When I bought out Lee from HRM in 2012, I immediately began brainstorming ideas and locations to bring another show to Florida, giving birth to the Made of Steel Show and its underlying concept.


  • Your shows consist of more than just Car Audio; can you tell us about the idea behind car audio and the 'normal' car shows being combined?


  • Jeremy Caruthers: The idea was to foster unity among automotive enthusiasts of all kinds, whether they were into mini trucks, hot rods, car audio, lifted trucks, or anything else. We all share a common passion: creating and showcasing custom-built vehicles. Car audio has deep roots in the scene, with mini trucking, in particular, evolving from the combination of car audio and hot rods. So, it made perfect sense to merge these elements into one incredible event. From these ideas, other shows like the Lifted Florida Truck Show, Florida State Car Audio Finals, Toy Drop Auto Show, VDub Getaway, and possibly more in the works have emerged.


  • What are some of the most memorable experiences you have when it comes to the car shows?


  • Jeremy Caruthers: Every year, our team strives to improve each event, but there's one aspect we're particularly proud of. That's our commitment to raising as much money as possible for the Kids Cancer Foundation. Being in a position to help those in need is a tremendous privilege and accomplishment for me personally. We believe that with the gathering of so many people at our events, we have a responsibility to make a positive impact in the world.


  • Another deeply gratifying experience is hearing the feedback from participants at our shows. We go the extra mile to provide a family-friendly, fun atmosphere that caters to everyone, ensuring it's financially accessible for all, from vendors to participants. Creating an environment where everyone leaves satisfied and eager for the next event is immensely fulfilling.


  • Jeremy Caruthers's dedication to the automotive community and his commitment to philanthropy through car shows is an inspiration. His ability to bring together enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and create unforgettable events is a testament to his passion and leadership. As Jeremy continues to unite car enthusiasts and push the boundaries of automotive events, it's clear that his impact will be felt for years to come.
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