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My First Week At Big Jeff Audio

My First Week At Big Jeff Audio

I was extremely nervous, as usual, for the interview, since it has been more than four years since I went to a face-to-face interview and worked in a public setting after COVID-19. Big Jeff and Alyaa welcomed me with great enthusiasm. They listened to me and asked all the necessary questions to assess my suitability for the position.

My trainer, Catherine (or Cristine, as I like to call her), was able to explain every detail, from the products that Big Jeff Audio sells to how to work the system. She also shared some insights about how Jeff started this amazing company.

Jeff is a respectful, honest, and hardworking business owner. He is always straightforward with his expectations for his employees and those who may have initially doubted him.

Some people may never fully grasp the hard work that a business owner or entrepreneur has to put in to build a business from scratch. For Jeff to have it running for the past five years and counting is truly commendable. I admire people like him; there is so much to learn. He firmly believes he has the best team supporting him, ensuring the job gets done.

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