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Faster Than Mach-Speed Sound

Faster Than Mach-Speed Sound

Got the inside of your vehicle all figured out? Looking for something that will spice up the exterior and give people something to talk about? Mach-Speed has got you covered on bringing some life and spark to your exhausts by providing a variety of colorful exhausts tips to bring your exterior all together. They’ve got matte black, shiny black, golden, silver, red, pink, etc. As shown in the title image, they even have dual exhausts and a blue flame design! These exhausts are made from straight, premium, corrosive resistant stainless steel that is meant to last; not even beginning to mention they’re universal so no matter the application we’ve got the exhaust you’re looking for!

We here at Big Jeff Audio offer Mach-Speed’s exhausts in stainless finish as well as a powder coat for select exhaust tips. They come in a straight cut, a slant cut, and even some with a rolled edge. As an added touch, the rolled edge exhausts even have a drain hole to keep the inside from corroding to keep maintenance easy🤯. For some reason, selling these and seeing them installed onto our customers cars really does bring a smile to my face, and working with our incredible reps over at Mach-Speed make selling this product a thousand times easier with their quick, informative responses that we get out to you!

If you’re looking to get some bling for your exterior and get a nice growl out of your exhaust, these exhaust tips would a perfect additive to your next car build!


Isaac Lynch


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