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Unleashing the Sound: A Journey into the World of Car Audio with Robin Williams from Team Hertz Feelings

Unleashing the Sound: A Journey into the World of Car Audio with Robin Williams from Team Hertz Feelings

When it comes to the world of car audio, enthusiasts are a breed apart. They're not just looking for a way to listen to their favorite tunes on the road; they're on a quest for audio perfection. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Robin Williams, a passionate car audio enthusiast from Team Hertz Feelings. He shared his journey, insights, and experiences in the world of custom car audio. 


A Chance Encounter Sparks a Lifelong Passion 


Robin's journey into the world of car audio began with a chance encounter that would change the course of his life. While passing by an audio shop in Forsyth, he heard a deep, captivating bass that stopped him in his tracks. Curiosity piqued, he ventured inside and met the "Shut It Down Boyz," a group of audio enthusiasts who would become his mentors. They introduced him to the world of floating bags and other intriguing technologies, igniting a passion for car audio that continues to burn brightly today. 


Evolution of Car Audio: From Myth to Powerhouses 


Reflecting on the evolution of car audio over the years, Robin highlighted some significant advancements. In the early 2000s, car audio electrical systems were almost mythical in their complexity. Today, enthusiasts have access to lithium batteries and 500-amp alternators, providing the power needed to fuel massive sound systems. Amplifiers, once averaging less than 1000 watts, now push the boundaries with 10,000-watt powerhouses. The days of two 15-inch subwoofers in a box have given way to sophisticated 4th and 6th order enclosures that transform car trunks into audio sanctuaries. 


Memorable Moments on the Show Circuit 


For a car audio enthusiast like Robin, attending shows is a way to not only showcase their setups but also connect with others who share the same passion. Robin shared some unforgettable moments from car audio shows, including triumphs at Scrapin the Coast and Nopi, where he clinched the prestigious Crystal trophy two years in a row. He also recalled competing in and winning the GS3 championship, an experience that fueled his desire to further hone his craft. 


One of the joys of attending these shows is the opportunity to be inspired by others. Robin fondly remembers being impressed by builds like the Sundown truck by Derek, which produced impressive numbers. Master Will's Skar build demonstrated exceptional sound quality, and Zach Pope's build from Shut It Down Boyz left a lasting impression with its powerful demos and exceptional performance. 


Crafting Audio Excellence: From Vision to Reality 


Building and fine-tuning a car audio system is no small feat. Robin outlined the meticulous steps he follows: 


  1. Define Goals: First and foremost, he determines his objectives, whether it's proving doubters wrong or achieving a system that sounds phenomenal.


  1. Budget Assessment: He then examines his budget for equipment, a crucial step in determining what's feasible.


  1. Selecting Equipment: Depending on the goals and budget, he carefully selects the right components, from speakers to amplifiers.


  1. Design and Construction: With equipment in hand, he moves on to the design and construction phase. This is where the magic happens as he transforms his vision into reality.


  1. Testing and Refinement: The journey doesn't end with construction. Rigorous testing and continuous refinement are essential to fine-tune the system for optimal performance.


One notable challenge Robin mentioned was a 4th order enclosure in his Tahoe that wasn't performing up to expectations. He sought the expertise of Mac Gladden, who designed a 6th order enclosure that unleashed the full potential of his system, capable of handling a staggering 60,000 watts. 




In the world of car audio, it's clear that enthusiasts like Robin Williams from Team Hertz Feelings are driven by a passion for sound and an unrelenting pursuit of audio perfection. Their journey is a testament to the evolution of car audio technology and the boundless creativity that enthusiasts bring to the table. So, next time you hear a deep, thundering bass rumbling down the road, you might just be witnessing the work of someone like Robin, for whom car audio is not just a hobby, but a way of life. 

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