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A year of moving up the ladder.

A year of moving up the ladder.

A year of moving up the ladder.

Promotion rate – a human resources metric measuring the frequency at which employees are promoted within an organization.

1 in 5 workers leave their job for 1 of 3 reasons.

  1. No room for growth.
  2. No raise.
  3. No benefits.

Which makes an average of 3.98 million people a year seek another job for a better opportunity.

And I can say, of those statistics, I’ve been one.

But there’s a difference in leaving a job after a few months with no growth VS leaving a job of a few years with no movement.

And I know there’s 2 sides to every story, there could’ve been an incident as to why management wouldn’t allow a higher position, or it could be an employee that doesn’t go above their average job description that expects a better opportunity.


But this blog is for the one in those five odds that strive to do better and be better.

Personally, I was relieved from a nursing job that I’ve solidified a spot in for 5 years, due to reasonings outside of work and things a bit more personal that I don’t share with the world.

Then there were more life occurrences that depleted my chance of going back to a career that I was accustomed to, but never grew within.

So, I waited, I let my mind talk to my heart and agree that although, in person I may not be social, but one job I’ve enjoyed is customer service.


Then comes Big Jeff Audio! A company that I hadn’t heard of, but I had seen a few times on my commute home. After 2 weeks, 2 interviews and some onboarding, I became a part of the team.

The company really piqued my interest, because anyone that can start their business outside of their own garage and make a multi-million-dollar company out of it, is interesting in itself.

No surprise to the people that know me, I’m severely autistic, so jumping into the unknown wasn’t pleasant, but it was well needed.

The knowledge and the friendships I’ve made within this company and the car audio community as a whole has given me such a wider outlook on what is available to you in this world, if you take a leap, a risk, a chance.


And a chance is what Jeff took on me, someone who was a beginner, lower than amateur, and awarded me with the pleasure of making a career for my life and something I can continuously be proud of.

Everyday is a lesson, and I can say that being a part of this team has depleted my chances of being that one in five employees.

And I’m not saying it was without hard work, dedication, integrity, time, and effort ... But in just one short year, I did move up the ladder, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t.


Thank you Jeff!

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