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What is the Best Way I Can Upgrade My Sound System in My Car?

What is the Best Way I Can Upgrade My Sound System in My Car?

Are you dreaming of upgrading the sound system in your car? Luckily, the process has never been easier, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can find great deals on car audio systems.

In this article, we will explore the way to upgrade your sound system. However, remember that is no ‘right’ approach. What works for one person might not be ideal for another. WE will give you the basic steps needed to upgrade your sound system, but you can always tailor them to meet your needs and monetary budget.

Replace the Radio

In most cases, the factory radio that comes in your car from the manufacturer is less than ideal. You’ll want to install a new receiver to create better sound from your speakers and reach greater sound capabilities.

Picking the best radio will depend on how you enjoy your music. Do you use a CD collection, iPod, Pandora, HD radio, satellite radio, or Bluetooth? Also, do you want a sound system that gives you hands-free calling capabilities? You’ll want to pick a receiver that has all the bells and whistles that you want and need.

New Speakers

Whether or not you install a new receiver, you can always upgrade your factory speakers, so you have more power and greater sound. Do you have a four-door vehicle? If so, then upgrade the speakers in your front doors first. If your budget will allow you to go further, then install two more speakers in the rear doors. You can even expand further if your budget allows more speakers and more sound!

Remember, if you are buying a single set of speakers then you’ll want a full range set and then pick speakers to fit the rear doors. You can always go with a pair of  speakers upfront and then put coaxial in the rear.

Upgrade Your Power

Most people want more power when upgrading their stereo system so adding an amplifier will boost things up. Your speakers will spring to life, and you’ll enjoy greater clarity and details with your music. Invest in a four-channel amp to power both your front and rear speakers. You can add a subwoofer and then power it using the amp’s rear channels or you can add a separate subwoofer amp.

For most stereo enthusiasts, installing a subwoofer is exciting. You’ll enjoy greater bass and more depth. To achieve even greater thump to your amp then you’ll want to increase your power. A dedicated mono amp can provide a sub with power and offers the booming bass you might want.

Subs found in the trunk of your car can cause vibrations which negatively impact the sound of your music. If this is the situation in your auto, then you’ll need to line the trunk lid to reduce the vibrations.

Building a car stereo system lets you customize things exactly the way you want. Contact Big Jeff Online to shop for a premium stereo system. We suggest checking out our Jensen 7" Touchscreen Radio Bluetooth USB input SiriusXM Apple CarPlay or our Rockford Harley Davidson TourPak/Fairing Speakers, Amplifier, Amp Kit, & Radio if you are planning on upgrading your sound system.

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