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Kicker L7

Kicker L7

This series is just another reason why Kicker is still a leading innovator and one of the best-selling brands worldwide.

You may ask what’s the point of a square speaker?? Well, that’s an easy question, Square matters! A Kicker original item, their Square subwoofers have a bigger cone which moves more air, so you get more sound! 20% louder and 20% more bass than a comparable circular sub!

With extreme power handling the L7 features a massive ferrite motor that has an oversized magnet and aluminum voice coil to allow every drop of power to get from the sub to your ears. The Uniplate combines the pole piece and back plate as a single, seamless unit to pull damaging heat away from the sub. With heat management this advanced, you get the bass you crave- for as long as you crave it!

It has forced air cooling so as the subwoofer’s cone moves downward the voice coil is forced out of the woofer, and as the woofer’s cone moves upward, cool air is drawn into the woofer cooling the voice coil.

Its lean corners allow Kicker l7’s to play smooth, distortion free music at any volume! It also has blue stitched Santoprene surround helping to hold the massive cone structure in place.

With 3 different lines, the Kicker L7 is available for all kinds of budgets. Making it elite and not just for the elite!

Thanks, Jennifer Nielsen

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