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How Much Bass Is Too Much Bass?

How Much Bass Is Too Much Bass?

Depends On What You Can Afford!

Best Value Subwoofers For Sale Online

Subwoofer Hair Tricks. Blonde Girl Basshead Hair Trick. Source: Subwoofer Videos on YouTube

Does Your Car Have Hair-Raising Bass?

It can be a challenge finding the subwoofer that fits your taste, budget, and how far you are going to modify your vehicle. As you know, a quality sub can really improve the overall listening experience, as well as being just more fun, not to mention LOUD. A subwoofer can ultimately make the difference between a decent-sounding audio system and a fantastic-sounding system.

There are lots of different ways to add subwoofers to your vehicle. Read on to learn more about your options and get help narrowing it down.

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What Kind of Sub Should You Get?

Read the statements below and match it to which one best matches your needs:

1. “I want to pick and choose components and create a personalized system.”
Start by looking for component subs, between 8” and 15”. 10” subs for sale.

2. “I want a space-saving, but still powerful bass system.”
A powered sub is likely the way to go in this case.

3. “I want an easy-to-install, off-the-shelf sub/enclosure combo.”
In this case, an enclosed subwoofer kit is what you need.

4. “I want a fantastic bass system, without having to worry about all the details.”
Big Jeff Online sells bass packages, such as the S18 LSE-212A 12" 1000W 4 Ohm Dual Loaded Ported Enclosure w/ Amplifier/Amp kit.

5. “I want a subwoofer that blends in with my car’s interior.”
In this case, you should check out some of our smaller options to see for yourself which one best matches your car’s interior.

You Might Need A Stronger Battery...

One common mistake people make when upgrading their vehicle’s audio system to have a bigger sound is they don’t get a battery to support the enhanced energy requirements to power the system. Big Jeff has you covered in everything to do with upgrading your vehicle’s audio system, including selling all the battery and battery-related components you need.

Need help figuring out exactly what you need for your vehicle? You can rely on our expert staff to help you narrow down your options! You can call us at 352-304-6699 or reach out to us online.

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