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Cuckoo for Coconutz

Cuckoo for Coconutz

Think of the Dominican Republic in the spring.. The nice cool air, the fresh sent of the dew on the grass from the tide coming in, the freshly sprouted palm trees .. And now, all you’re missing is some tines.

What better was to blend in some speakers on a palm tree, than with Coconutz?!

This 5.25” coconut speakers comes with wire nuts and hanging hardware, ideal for outside or maybe inside if you prefer a more Island like décor!

With a frequency response of 86 Hz - 19 kHz at 3dB, and 76 Hz - 19 kHz at 10dB.

A continuous power rating of 75W, and a max rating of a whooping 150W.

The woofer in this Nut is a coaxial unit with Moisture Resistant Resin, basically meaning, rain, sleet, or shine, this Coconut is going to his the tunes you want, when you want.

Another kicker .. This item is HAND MADE. More so, made to order. So when you gather up your hard earned coins to make the outside of your home more presentable, you have the peace of mind knowing that someone, states away, or maybe even the same state, took their time hand-crafting you your own special sound system!


Alyaa Franks, CSR Big Jeff Audio

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