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Big Jeff's is about to get BIGGER!

Big Jeff's is about to get BIGGER!

For 5 years, Big Jeff Online Inc has been supplying Florida, as well as the rest of the world, with some of the greatest car audio equipment available. From humble beginnings to his latest venture, Jeff Goldman and his company seem to be on a constant rise!

The company is currently moving locations to a much larger property. That’s right, Big Jeff’s is about to get even BIGGER! As hectic and busy as the recent months have been, I was still able to sit down with the boss himself and get some inside information about how this move is not only good for the business itself, but the customers as well.  

JS: What is one major goal within the first year of the move? 

 JG: We are looking to get better organized which will ultimately speed up our shipping process. We’re upgrading to a much larger facility, and I plan on extending the warehouse an additional 5,000 square feet!  We also have over 2,000 square feet of showroom now, so walk-in customers will be able to see the product in person and test some products on displays throughout the store.

 JS: How is Big Jeff's Audio different from the competition? 

 JG: We try to go above and beyond with our customers, both retail and wholesale. We have terrific, live customer service. No third-party customer support or impersonal robotic chats. We also give away free merchandise with ALL Big Jeff direct orders! And not just a lollipop or tiny sticker, but real merchandise like shirts, cups, lanyards and more!

 JS: What does this move mean for customers and dealers? 

 JG: More product, quicker service, and better prices. For local customers we have some cool waiting areas for them to hang out while waiting on their order. We are also able to separate retail from wholesale to allow much quicker check out times for local customers. 

 JS: Tell me about your beginnings; how long did the company operate out of your garage?  

 JG: For over a year and a half I ran the company from my garage and worked a full-time job. It was nothing for me to put in 18 to 20-hour days, seven days a week! Once the company started to pick up steam, I was able to leave the full-time job behind and focus those same 18 to 20 hours every day fully on Big Jeff Online, Inc.

 JS: Other than long hours of dedication and consistency, were there any other contributing factors that helped launch you to where you are now?

 JG: When I was first starting out, even before I had the garage set up, the good people at DS18 and XS Power came through for me in ways I never even imagined. I owe the world to Sasha (Owner; DS18) and two of his salesmen Jason, and Johnny. The same can be said for Scotty (Owner; XS Power) and Shawn (Sales; XS Power); such wonderful people. Without their help, without their understanding, without their kindness and generosity; Big Jeff’s may have never come full circle. They believed in me, a guy running a business out of his home with no big money to start. They rolled the dice and took the chance. Now, Big Jeff’s Online Inc is one of their largest distributors in the Southeast!

 JS: What was your mission at the start of your company? Has that mission changed since then? 

 JG: Admittedly, at first, I just wanted a change in life, both for me and my family. I never expected it to catch on and grow so quickly. Now I focus on how I can pass along that good fortune to others. I give the same speech to my employees during our meetings, it’s a good motto to live by, and that is “We can all come up together” and I mean it! I’m a straight-forward guy, and boss. My employees know that they will get paid good for the work they do, and that their ambition and willingness to go that extra mile will never go unnoticed. Essentially, it takes a team to make things work smoothly and correctly, and together we will ALL continue to succeed and excel together.

JS: What made you choose the new location?

JG: Everything about it, honestly. Sure, I would always love a bigger warehouse, and that’s why I am already talking about expanding it not long after the move. We now have an acre of fenced in property with enough parking for employees as well as customers! But I’m not upset with the size of the warehouse either, as this new location gives us over 10,000 square feet already, and of course the additional 2,000 square feet of showroom for customers. I think what I love the most about it is that this is my first owned commercial property!

 JS: What made you choose to start a company in this industry? 

 JG: I have always had a love for car audio. Even back during the rougher parts of life, when things were constantly up and down, whether I had more money than I could count or if I were about to be homeless, I have just always had a fascination and love for the electronics industry. I’m just extremely grateful that my love for it turned out to lead me down the path I’m on and where I am today.

JS: How did you come up with the name for the company? 

 JG: When I first started in the garage, all those years ago, I was selling vape coils on eBay. During that time some of my regular customers started calling me “Big Jeff” and that nickname just kind of stuck. So, I began selling as Big Jeff Coils, but then I found myself getting into also selling CCTV cameras and packages. As it started gaining more traction I registered my company as Big Jeff Online Inc, but mostly known as Big Jeff Audio.

JS: Does Big Jeff’s Audio give back to the community? 

 JG: Well, I will not lie: I could do more, but then again couldn’t we all? We did make MANY donations during the pandemic and are honored to have been a part of many events where we made sizable contributions to the charities hosting. As we continue to succeed and grow, we will be able to continue doing more and more.

 JS: What is unique about Big Jeff Audio? 

 JG: As I mentioned earlier; We are real, I am real, my team is real.  No recordings, automated systems, or bot-ran chat programs. In today’s world I feel that is one unique feature that customers and dealers seem to appreciate and value most. This has never been about getting rich. After five years I still pay myself a regular paycheck, same as my employees, and that money goes straight back into the business. But, to tell you the truth, it’s my employees that make the company unique. They make Big Jeff’s Online, Inc. what it is; all I did was start it.

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 *Big Jeff’s Online Inc / Big Jeff Audio will be moving into their new location starting Friday, July 15th, with plans on being fully open and operational by Monday, July 18th, 2022. Check out their new facilities at 2001 Northwest 1st Avenue, Ocala Fl. and be sure to shop online for ALL your car audio needs

 - James Smith 

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