XS Power 350 Amp Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit 1/0 AWG 350A BIG3XS


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XS Power 350 Amp Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit 1/0 AWG 350A BIG3XS

This listing includes:
(1) 6-Foot Blue XSFLEX 1/0-Gauge Power Cable
(2) 4-Foot Clear XSFLEX 1/0-Gauge Ground Cables
(8) XS Power Heat Shrink Tubes
(8) 1/0-Gauge Crimp Terminals (Already Crimped on the Wires)
(10) Wire Clamps
(10) 3" Zip Ties
(10) 1/2" Self-Tapping Screws

XS Power has a reputation of manufacturing the highest quality and highest performance batteries on the market, and now you can get that same quality and performance throughout your entire electrical system with the new XS Power XS Flex and XP Flex power cable. The XS Flex line of power cable is XS Power's flagship power cable. It is available in Blue (XSFLEX0BL-50) and Clear (XSFLEX0CL-50) and in both 50' spools or in 1' increments. The XS Flex Cable is 100% Pure Oxygen Free Tinned Copper Cable with a massive 4,704 strand count. Just like everything else XS Power does the XS Flex Cable exceeds the industry CEA-2015 cabling standards and is True AWG cable. The high strand count and soft touch cable jacket allows the wire to be super flexible and easy to use in any installation.

If your aftermarket audio system is putting a strain on the rest of your car's electronics, you might want to upgrade your factory wiring. Rated to 350 amps, this "Big Three" electrical upgrade package will boost your electrical system's performance by allowing the maximum current to flow easily from your alternator, greatly improving the system's ground connection to your vehicle's chassis.

XS Power's Big3XS kit includes heavy-duty 1/0-gauge oxygen-free copper cables that replace your vehicle's battery ground-to-chassis wire, the chassis-to-engine block wire, and the alternator charge output wire. Another bonus is that the ring terminals are already crimped to the wires, so you won't have to replace the stock grounds unless you want to improve them or double up.

You can view the Instruction manual here: http://www.4xspower.com/BIG3-Kits-Instruction.pdf

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov