EQ7X 7 Band Graphic Equalizer 8V Line Driver + 2 x 18" 2 Ch RCA M2M


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EQ7X 7 Band Graphic Equalizer 8V Line Driver + 2 x 18" 2 Ch RCA M2M

This listing includes:
(1) Massive Audio EQ7X 7 Band Graphic Equalizer 8V Line Driver
(2) 18" 2 Ch RCA M2M


Massive Audio EQ 7X
1/2 Din 7 Band Graphic Equalizer With 6 Channel Output
Speaker High-Level Input & Subwoofer Level Control
8 Volt Signal Output Line Driver helps boost the low signal from the Head unit.
Helps reduce distortion and noise from your system by allowing you
to dramatically lower the gain on your amps for the same sound level.
Brand New, In Factory Box, Not Refurbished
1/2 DIN, 7 band Graphic Equalizer
Correct peaks and dips in sound characteristics
Selectable LED color from red to blue
8 V/20 dB headroom line driver
Auxiliary inputs/ High Speaker Level input
Stereographic equalization
Sub and fader control
6-Channel, 8 volt RCA outputs (front/rear/subwoofer)
Adjustable master volume level control
Adjustable subwoofer level control
2-Channel RCA AUX input with adjustable gain
Selectable 12 dB low-pass crossover (60 Hz or 90 Hz)
Gold plated terminals
30 V Bi-FET power supply
Dimensions: 4"L x 7"W x 1"H

2 x R2RCA18IN 18" 2 channel RCA Cables
2 Channel RCA Cables
Male to Male (Both Channels)
Coaxial Shielded Cable
Flexible but durable construction