DS18 12" Shallow Subwoofer 1600W 2.5" Dual 4 Ohm Aluminum Voice Coil IXS12.4D


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DS18 12" Shallow Subwoofer 1600W 2.5" Dual 4 Ohm Aluminum Voice Coil IXS12.4D

Continuing the tradition of our very popular flat mount subwoofers, we now have the IXS line which is the successor to our best selling SW slim subwoofer line. We took the SW line and made it even beefier for more bass. The IXS comes in both 10 and 12 inch. They both have multiple voice coil options to get the most from your amplifier. These subs are perfect for the audiophile that wants a lot of bass but does not have much space for a full sized subwoofer. With these you can get that loud thump without having to sacrifice a lot of room.

- IXS series was made to produce more bass than other flat mount subs of its rating in ported or sealed boxes.
- Large surround with flexible spider packs will help the CCA voice coil teach maximum XMAX producing full and deep bass with a up to spec box.
- Shallow mount size will let you fit this sub in compact places and requires less box space than other subs its size giving you many options in which to place it.

This Listing Includes:
(1) DS18 12" Subwoofer IXS12.4D
(1) Owner's Manual

Type: Shallow Subwoofer
Size: 12"
RMS Power: 800W
MAX Power: 1600W
Impedance: 4+4Ohms
Sensitivity: 85.1dB
Voice Coil: 2.5"
Magnet: Ferrite
Magnet Size: 62oz
Frequency Response: 20-600KHz
Frame: Aluminum
Cone: Paper
Dust Cap Material: Fiberglass
Surround: Stitched Rubber
Voice Coil Former Material: Aluminum

Overall Diameter: 12.6"
Overall Depth: 4.73"
Mounting Depth: 4.33"
Front Mount Baffle Cutout: 10.79"
Weight: 16.5 Lbs