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What are the Best Waterproof Marine Speakers?

What are the Best Waterproof Marine Speakers?

So, you want to upgrade the sound system on your boat and you’re wondering about the best waterproof marine speakers? In this article we will examine things to consider when buying the best waterproof marine speakers.

Size of Speaker

When buying the best waterproof marine speakers, size is always a consideration. You need to make sure you have sufficient space for whatever speaker models you opt to buy for your boat.

Remember that there are no standard speaker sizes. The manufacturer will publish a measurement of the speaker size, but it is really only the diameter of the inside cone. It does not reflect the grill or the cutout hole. You’ll want to consider this when picking a speaker size to replace existing marine speakers because you want them to fit.

When picking a pair of waterproof speakers for a new installation, it’s a clever idea to invest in a big speaker. The grill will be lager then the cone so always make sure you have adequate space to fit the specs. If you have a 6” speaker then it might have a 7.5” grill diameter so be sure to plan accordingly so you ensure that whatever set of speakers and size you buy will fit.

Some people enjoy flush mount speakers, but you’ll want to ensure that there is sufficient space behind the speaker for the cone and magnet. Look at the mounting depth measurements when making the purchase or ordering. Also, remember that the best waterproof flush mount speakers will require enclosed airspace in order to function properly and provide the best sound. If the speaker’s magnets are hanging out then the sound will seem weak and tinny.

If you want a pair of waterproof flush mount speakers then you might want to invest in box speakers instead. They require less space and are easy to mount up high for optimum sound quality. They are enclosed in a box for added safety.

Power of the Stereo System

Yes, power is a consideration. Remember, different manufactures measure power in diverse ways. Most stereo heads can manage 200 watts of peak power. However, if you are unsure then you’ll need to contact the manufacturer or discuss the situation with a qualified stereo installation technician.

Speaker Quality

Once you have decided on the size of speakers and the power then you’ll want to consider the quality to determinant he best waterproof marine speakers for your boat.

  • Dual Cone: Affordable but lower quality. The dual cone speaker produces higher frequencies using the smaller cone and the larger cone measures bass and midrange. They are acceptable and great if you have a budget that you need to adhere too.
  • Coaxial: You’ll find two way and three-way speakers called coaxial. They are basic one speaker that has been wrapped around another. The have a tweeter position within the middle of a woofer cone. They work better than dual cone speakers, but they do carry a higher price tag. The one drawback of this style of speaker is that because they are attached to each other they will often have some distortion and the vibrations can interfere with each other. Most people won’t notice but if you have a discerning ear, then you’ll pick up the differences.
  • Component: These are very similar to coaxial speakers but the tweeter is actually separate front eh woofer cone so there is no cross-phase distortion. You can even mount the tweeter separate. Most box speakers are component.
  • Subwoofers: Consider adding a subwoofer to improve the quality of your entire marine stereo system. It will give you some serious thump when you play your music high.

If you are investing in the best marine grade speakers, then contact Big Jeff Online to learn about our many speaker types and brands. Our skilled stereo technicians will help you make the best decision for your needs.


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