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Free shipping with delivery in 2-4 days See details


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Mounting, creating holes, altering and modifying… Not everyone has the ability to alter their vehicle to fit their new system in their car .. But you know what the best alternative is? Boxes!

Any what better than a box that is just a base wood color that you can make your own? From a wide-range of selections, even some that are made specifically for Sundown – Tru Spec offers a way around cutting and sweating all day just to fit your 12’s in your Honda Coupe.

They offer these empty enclosures in a vented style. Which allows harder, louder bass because the air is allowed to move freely through the port to create that beautiful sound.

Though this box does allow all genres of music, the best fit sound for this box comes from Hip hop, Rap and EDM.

And best part about this brand, they provide you with ALL the dimensions needed to complete your bass package.

There’s selections for 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 6 holes. Get them while they’re in stock, we all know that dealing with the hassle of getting a custom box is lengthy, these will definitely go quick!


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