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Training with Gorgias

Training with Gorgias

Even in the few months I have been working at Big Jeff Audio, I’ve learned that no matter how long you work at this job, there is still more training to be done. More things to learn, more processes to get a grasp of to help our customers, and, in this case, learning more about programs that help out customers get the sick builds that they’re looking to create.

As of the new year, Big Jeff Audio has switched over to a new software that we use to interact with you! This program is called Gorgias. Gorgias has so many new features that we as the CSR team can use to make communication easier with you! At the beginning of the year we needed to do a handful of calls and completed our own training through the website to get prepared for the moment that this new software launched. During training, we learned about how to merge a customer’s previous messages all together to ensure that if there are any loose ends from previous contact with us, it’s on one ticket and that makes it 100% easier for us to help you.

We also learned that we cannot only email you through Gorgias, we can also text and call you! This makes it really easy for us to send you information regarding products while on the phone with you. For example, you have a question about how a subwoofer looks? We can send you a photo while we are on the phone together! We learned that we can also put tags that relate to content of your messages. If you need to cancel an order, on our end it gets the tag “Changes/Cancels”, this way we can get to those messages first and make any changes or cancellations needed in the beginning of the morning. We even have tags for positive comments, product questions, etc.

One of the most important things that we learned whilst switching over to this new program is that we can also respond to our customers on social media! Aren’t buying a product but have a question you want to shoot us on Facebook? We can see it through Gorgias and respond even faster than before! Overall, we learned all the benefits of switching over to this new program so that we can better assist you, the customer, because at the end of the day that’s what matters to us! We want to make sure every interaction you have with us is better than the last, and Gorgias makes this a reality!

Thanks, Isaac Lynch

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