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Training Day New job

Training Day New job

Starting any new position is always a few days of uncomfortable and unknown. No matter where you  have been or how much experience you may have,  the first day at a new place you know nothing.

If you are starting a new position at Big Jeff Audio, knowing about audio equipment/installation, electrical output or even have sales experience would be useful to the work needed to be done. If you do not have these certain skills or information to use, then learning is all you have to focus on.

The training period will effectively prepare you to utilize the programs and procedures to effectively and efficiently navigate daily operational functions within the department you have been hired for.

There are a few major key factors that any new hire should know to successfully master the training period.

#1 – Don’t be late. ( and “late” means on time,  so not late is early.  So arrival starting at least 15 mins before your shift to settle your self, clock in  and be  ready to WORK at shift start time.) 

#2 Don’t be scared to ask questions. Getting information is the point of training. Just document for future reference!  ( This will help you with any of the overwhelming tsunami of information during the training period, and beyond.)

Using these 3 major key factors will propel you on through to the next phase of employment.

Stay tuned!

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