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Most people don’t think that company events provide much training, but I’m here to say they are vital for many reasons! Company events are important because they help us promote positivity, productivity, culture and focus in the work place. Not only about the company and its employees but also on a more effective ways of providing your services to the customer.

There’s no question that employees are what make up a company. 

Company events here at Big Jeff Audio provide employees with the chance to learn about products firsthand. They give us an excellent opportunity to hear different equipment from different manufacturers, so when we are asked our opinion on products, we can give it! It helps us help the customer, which is priceless!

Big Jeff’s the kind of company that stands up for and supports its employees and company events help us collaborate and build relationships with other employees, customers and their associates. This is imperative, because this is how you build your customer base and provide them with the best possible service, by learning what they like, want and need.

Each employee has a crucial role to play in the company and by building bonds between employees you’re boosting their loyalty and the ability to provide the most efficient service to the customer. There is a Joy that comes with all of this and there is no paycheck that compares. That is what every company should stand for!

Learning about people and products while listening to loud music! Just too cool!


Thanks, Jennifer Nielsen


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