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The Man With Two Names

The Man With Two Names

Here at Big Jeff Audio as a CSR I deal with a lot of customer situations. We’re going to talk about one of those in this blog. As you all know, we started out on social media, so we deal with a lot of our customers through numerous platforms. In this situation, we had Mr. Gemini wanting us to help him with his Impala. He starts off asking about batteries. We discussed some options. Then he says he wants to possibly add a secondary battery, get two 12’s, a 2-channel converter, and a big 3 kit. I go ahead and build him a cart as he says he’s going to purchase this on his payday. A few days go by, and my co-worker is dealing with a similar situation. I notice that Mr. Gemini has not purchased his cart yet. So, I asked my co-worker questions about the cart she is building for her customer. Come to find out Mr. Gemini was messaging us through social media and our direct phone line! We didn’t catch this earlier because Mr. Gemini was using a different name for both methods of contacting us! 🤣

The moral of this story is you can contact us numerous ways and you’re surely going to get the assistance you need… Maybe twice! Until next time bass heads, BASS ON! 🤘


Thank you,

Dian Austin


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