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The End of an Era:

The End of an Era:

35 good years.

Years of improvement, years of upgrades, years of series of speakers; amps; subwoofers, years of record breaking SPL and dB ..

American Bass is not just known for the groundbreaking XMAX subwoofers, but also their VFL amps.. Products that have been in our store for over 5 years, products that sell out just as fast as brands that have been around longer.

We as a company have stood by the brand, and as sad as it is, 2023 wipes our hands of the ties we have. As this is not the end of an era for the brand itself, it will be the End of an Era with Big Jeff.

With the unanswered tech questions and hard-to-warranty products Bob has to offer, we have decided to let go, this doesn’t say that we don’t think the products are worth the money, because boy are they! But a relationship is built on foundation, and once that foundation is cracked beyond repair, for your sake, you go.. The businesslike relationship between both owners always had a toxic nature to it, maybe it was one of those, “keep your enemy close” type of thing, but at the end of the day, negativity spreads. And once you keep that line of bad energy open, it consumes everyone involved.

Thank you, Alyaa Franks


As of now, all of these items are marked down, when its gone, IT’S GONE.

“They don’t want us, so we don’t want them“


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