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The Best Speakers to Upgrade in Your Car

The Best Speakers to Upgrade in Your Car

 Nowadays, autos feature stereo systems as part of their packages, but they don’t always provide premium sound. If you want a better audio system in your car, then you’ll want to find the best speakers to upgrade with.  Luckily, purchasing and installing replacement speakers has never been easier. Audio speakers no longer require complicated wiring and the swap-out is usually fairly straightforward.

The only thing to consider when shopping for the best speaker to upgrade in your car is ensuring you purchase the correct size speakers for your auto. If you do not buy the proper size then you’ll need to pay for a custom installation.

In this article, we will explore the best speakers for an upgrade by the following brands:

American Bass

American Bass is a respected manufacturer of audio equipment and accessories. The company has been in business for over 35 years. They have a strong reputation for using innovative technology to produce high-performance equipment:

Our top three speaker picks include this ultra-affordable Pair of American Bass 6x9. In addition, we recommend these 6.5" Midrange Speakers=. If you are seeking a little higher sound quality then we suggest the 8″ Midrange Speaker.


Although many Americans are unfamiliar with the Russian brand Avatar, they probably do know Deaf Bonce (one of the most respected names in audio). The engineers from Deaf Bonce are the same ones who have developed the Avatar products.

One of our leading choices are the Avatar XBR-613 Speakers followed by the Avatar Black Coaxial Speakers. If you are seeking an acceptable mid-range then be sure to check out the Avatar Tsunami Speakers.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is well-known for offering premium audio products at affordable prices. Although the equipment might boast entry-level prices, each item is comparable to more expensive brands.

For a top all-in-on speaker and bullet tweeter choice check out the Black Diamond With Bullet Tweeter.

If you are seeking a package then you’ll want to consider the Coaxial Door Speaker Combo Package. We would also like to suggest that look over the Black Diamond Speaker which are affordable and provide impressive premium sound.  

Deaf Bonce

Deaf Bonce is a well-known and respected leader in audio. Everything about their equipment screams quality from the sound to the appearance. The brand relies on the skills of the world’s best engineers to truly provide outstanding products that have impressive load capacities.

For a leading speaker system, look over the Deaf Bonce Black Hydra which will meet all of your sound needs. Another choice is the Pair of Deaf Bonce Apocalypse.

Bass lovers will appreciate the Deaf Bonce Machete Series.


DS18 is trendy and new to the industry. The brand provides a sophisticated sound at affordable prices. The new brand is quickly catching up to the big names in popularity.

An affordable, quality speaker option is the DS18 PRO 10" 2000 Watts 8Another quality choice is the DS18 ELITE 5x7" Also, be sure to evaluate the DS18 ELITE 6.5".

Massive Audio

Massive Audio made its debut in 1999 and quickly became a respected leader in audio parts. The brand started out in audio reproduction. Their aftermarket products have become extremely popular and are recognized for their true value.

Check out the Massive Audio Mid Range Speaker if you are seeking an affordable mid-range then the following is a great choice M6XL Pro 6.5",  or the Pro M6 6.5"

Power Acoustik

Power Acoustik is known for offering an impressive selection of affordable audio products. Although they are a big brand name, they have gained a dedicated following due to their quality and low price tag. One of our leading choices for a car speaker is the Power Acoustik Car Audio For an affordable choice check out the Open Box Power Acoustik Audio or the Audio Bullet Horn.

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate remains one of the world’s most respected leaders in audio design and engineering. You’ll find speakers not just for autos but also for boats, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles.

A premium stereo speaker system is the Rockford Fosgate 6" 4 Ohm 2-Way Component Speaker System P16-S. Another pair speaker choice is the Pair of Rockford 6"x8" or the Pair of Full-Range Speakers.

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