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The Best on the Market: Why You Can Never Go Wrong With Rockford Fosgate Speakers

The Best on the Market: Why You Can Never Go Wrong With Rockford Fosgate Speakers

The car audio industry is worth over $1.7 billion. The number jumps to 2.4 billion if you include portable navigation systems. It's a major business with several players vying for a piece of the profitable pie.

With so many options, it can be difficult to make a choice as you're mired in brand names and specs. It's helpful to know what the best options are ahead of time so you know what to look for.

Rockford Fosgate speakers are one of the most popular and well-known options. People trust the long-lasting company to produce powerful, innovative audio technology at a fair price.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have or how you like to listen to music, there's an option for you. Read on to learn how to choose the best Rockford Fosgate speakers.

How to Choose the Best Speakers

Choosing the right speaker is an important consideration, especially for music lovers who want clear audio on long trips. There are certain guidelines you should follow when making your purchasing decision regardless of the company you buy from.

Match the Speakers to Your Car Stereo

Different car models have different built-in stereos that require their own specifications when adding in components like a speaker. There are several factors to consider to make sure the entire sound system works together.

Stereos and speakers both have power levels measures in watts MRS. The closer they are to each other, the better.

Sensitivity is measured in decibels and listed as an SPL. Your car stereo has a similar rating and, once again, they shouldn't be too far off from each other. A low-powered car stereo needs a speaker with an SPL of at least 90dB for pristine sound.

Do your research to ensure your speaker is the right size and that you install it in the right location. Otherwise, your new setup may not fit, end up being bulky, and/or produce low-quality sound.

Consider the Specs

Almost all electronics and appliances have specifications, shortened to specs, that tell you how well they can run in certain conditions. This is also true of speakers, as they have several specs to keep in mind.

Sensitivity determines how loud your speaker can get. Anything at or above 90dB is an excellent rating.

Impedance, measured in ohms, is another word for resistance. It determines how much current and therefore how much sound can get through your speaker. Too much or little of this spec can decrease sound quality, so aim for an average rating of between 6 and 8 ohms.

Frequency response or range is measured in hertz and kilohertz. It tells buyers how loud a speaker can play and the highest frequencies it can reach.

The human ear can only hear ranges of 2Ohz-20khz. Any speaker with a frequency response of at least 50hz will let you hear almost any sound without a subwoofer or other attachments.

Power handling, measured in watts, shows how much a speaker can withstand. They're part of two ratings, RMS (a continuous power rating) and peak power (a maximum power rating).

The signal-to-noise ratio or SNR is expressed in decibels and determines how much noise the speaker produces compared to its signal level. This is one spec where a higher number is always better because you'll get a clearer sound.

Poor specs can lead to speakers that get damaged sooner and/or produce low-quality sound. That's why you should always research all the numbers that the seller provides before making a purchase.

Get the Best Materials

What your speakers are made of can determine their lifespan, sound quality, visual appeal, and more.

The first important consideration is finding out what surrounds your speaker. Rubber is more durable and long-lasting than foam or cloth.

If your speaker has a woofer, you'll also have to consider what it's made of. Look for light, stiff materials such as polypropylene mixtures or metal-coated synthetic fabrics. They have a great lifespan and improve bass sounds.

Finally, some materials just make your speaker look better. These include tweeter additions like silk, ceramic, metal, or polypropylene.

Budget for Accessories

Some speakers have a cabinet to keep them safe. It should be made of a dense material like wood to avoid sound deterioration.

Component speakers may require a crossover setup. You may also need an external amplifier or subwoofer to boost the sound, but this isn't as common with speakers that have a high-frequency response.

Component speaker systems usually come with external crossovers. They split signals across the different parts

Other additional features include various kinds of tweeters that can swivel, pivot, and/or detach. They improve high frequencies, and the detachable varieties can be used in more than one car.

Consider all the parts you may need to enhance your car audio, as a speaker alone doesn't always cut it. For tips on how to install your new setup, learn more about how to replace broken speakers.

Why Choose Rockford Fosgate Speakers?

Once you've decided on the type of speakers you want, it's time to find the right company to purchase them from. This phase of the process is just as important, as specs don't provide all the details and not every company's products are created equal.

Rockford Fosgate speakers are a reliable option that will almost never let you down. There are several reasons you might want to consider adding their audio products to your vehicles.

It's a Brand You Can Trust

Rockford Fosgate has built up a positive reputation during its 40 years of operation. They're so much of a leader in the car audio industry that their founder, Jim Fosgate, is considered the inventor of the car audio amplifier

Rockford Fosgate is a well-known name among those who love car audio but less so among the general public, even if they're unknowingly using one of their products. The company uses display and racing cars as a form of advertising to get the word out. Try out their products in your own vehicle to see what all the hype is about.

They Have Great Specs

Look at any of the numerous Rockford Fosgate speakers reviews available online to find out just what these high-quality products can do. They'll tell you about its high levels of power and ability to produce clear sound.

We've already mentioned the specs to look out for, and Rockford Fosgate speakers score well in almost all of them. It's a high level of quality for what you're expected to pay.

They Come in Several Varieties

During their inception in 1979, Rockford Fosgate only sold four types of amps. They were known as the PR series and included the PR2100, PR250, PR235, and PR220 Type II.

Today, the company offers at least 400 different audio products to choose from.

There are several different types of Rockford Fosgate car speakers. Whether you want a full component setup, a small amplifier, a subwoofer, or just a few more speakers, they have what you need.

Rockford Fosgate punch speakers are a unique variety that no other company produces. They produce high levels of sound and use innovative technology.

One of Rockford Fosgate's newest additions is their line of PRIME R2 amplifiers. They're affordable, adjustable, customizable, and energy-efficient. They also have high wattage ratings, come in several multi-channel and mono varieties, and are protected by a one-year warranty.

They Have More Than Car Speakers

There are Rockford Fosgate speakers for almost every type of vehicle, not just cars. This includes boats, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and more.

When you're listening to Rockford Fosgate speakers, you can enjoy high-quality sound no matter where you are. Whether you're sailing or biking or just taking a drive, the company is committed to a high level of quality for all its products.

They're Affordable

The average prices for vehicle audio products are $101 for an audio player installed in the dashboard, $169 for an amplifier, and $75 for a single speaker. Rockford Fosgate speakers rarely fall outside of these normal ranges.

A component kit or other large setup is probably the most expensive product you'll purchase for your audio setup no matter what company you choose. Still, all Rockford Fosgate speakers and audio products are within the average person's price range.

Where to Find the Best Rockford Fosgate Speakers

Developing a vehicle audio system is a personal endeavor, and the type of setup you should get depends on your individual needs. You should always check the specs, match the setup to your car stereo, and choose the best materials and accessories you can find.

Rockford Fosgate speakers are one of the best options for any vehicle. The brand has a reputation for developing high-quality products at an affordable price. They also offer a wide range of options for vehicles on the land and sea.

Rockford Fosgate is such a well-known brand name that several stores and dealerships sell them. Choosing the best one is important in getting the highest level of quality at the lowest price.

We offer a variety of brands to suit your listening needs. Check out our collection of Rockford Fosgate speakers and contact us today for more information about all our audio products.

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