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Spruce Up Your Home Audio Setup

Spruce Up Your Home Audio Setup

We’re going to talk about Home Audio!

Were you aware that we have more than just car audio? I was going through the home audio as I too love music and when I’m not at work I’m at home more than in my car. Why not set up both?!

We have outdoor speakers for the yard, you can get some that look like rocks or planters. I love the ones that look like plants. You can’t tell that they are speakers just by looking at them. We have regular outdoor speakers too if you’re not looking for something like rocks or plants. Check out the In-ground bass subwoofer or the outdoor landscape speaker. Oh, and don’t worry, these are all weatherproof so you’re good come rain or shine!

Want to move it indoors? Check out the LEDGlow lighting kits for your home theater, you can add in a ceiling speaker or two or three, heck, go crazy and add some in-wall speakers too. We have bookshelf speakers, wireless subwoofers, wall tweeters, front channel speakers and even a Bluetooth amplifier!

Don’t forget to send us pictures/videos of your setup. We here and Big Jeff Audio LOVE Big Sound! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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