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Sky High Car Audio Big 3 Upgrade

Sky High Car Audio Big 3 Upgrade



Wire. A vital part of any installation, without the wire, you’ll just have a bunch of puzzle pieces.

And why not go with a brand that is known for their quality wire?

Sky High offers wire in sizes anywhere from 18ga to 2/0. All cable comes in either a CCA or OFC material to suit whatever the install needs.


One VERY important matter you need to address when it comes to wire, is the Big 3 Upgrade.

[Sky High Car Audio BIG 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit OFC 0 Ga Red Power Black G — Big Jeff Online Inc ]


Below are some steps to help you with that Big 3 as well, remember the Big 3 is ALL ABOUT 0ga!

This upgrade can be used on stock electrical system – with the purpose being to beef up alternator supply and electrical system.

  • Always upgrade your stock battery, from lead acid to AGM!

AGM is recommended, you do not need an isolator or regulator to separate from back battery – un less you’re running different battery cells.

4ga is good, but 0ga is the better option for this upgrade, you get more current supply than your stock 8ga either way you go – OFC is best if you can afford it.


#1 – Upgrade power wire : 8ga to 0ga.

#2 – Battery ground – 0ga.

#3 – Ground to engine block – CLEAN SURFACE!

#4 – Ground to alternator chassis ; battery to alternator chassis

( Ground wires to back – grounding alternator to back battery (if you have any ) helps alternator maintain your batteries and keeps them charged )


All in all, you SHOULD upgrade your electrical system for more current to flow through. Especially if you’re upgrading your car audio. This ensures better quality for sound and longevity of electrical system.


Thanks, Alyaa Franks

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