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Here at Big Jeff, we started out small on social media and over time have really grown! The proof is in how fast our You Tube has been growing in the last week! If you don’t know what I’m talking about check us out, @bigjeffaudio is our channel name or click right here to watch To qualify you need to subscribe to   / @bigjeffaudio  , share the video, comment your first and last name, where you need that sweet prize delivered to, and why you should be our lucky winner, Click the bell and pick all so you get updates, especially when we announce the winner. Because you can’t miss that!!!


To start we are giving away RF-P1-2X12 after 3,000 followers. A little info on that loaded enclosure: it has two P1S4-12’s at 2 OHM 500w RMS, 1000w MAX. This enclosure features similar tonal performance as P2/P3 models but are easier to move in and out of your vehicle due to it being light weight. It’s also a vented box.


This winner will get picked on Saturday, March 25th. Every 1,000 followers we gain we will be doing another give away. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Make sure you check every week, as we will be doing a give away weekly from this hardcore blow up we’ve received on You Tube.


From all of us here at Big Jeff we appreciate all of you and your business! Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wish you all good luck. And as always Bass on Bass heads! 🤘


Dian Austin – CSR Big Jeff Audio

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