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My Journey with Big Jeff Audio: From Interview to Success

My Journey with Big Jeff Audio: From Interview to Success

The day I had my interview with Big Jeff, I didn't think about anything. I just arrived at the place, filled out the application, and it took me too long, because I've had so many jobs. Some were according to my profile, while others I took just by chance or out of desperation. My resume seemed like a constant trial and error. When he told me that I was hired, I really couldn't believe it.

I have been living in Florida for 6 years. I have lived in Jacksonville, Miami, and now I moved to Ocala in June 2023. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, especially after going through anxiety attacks, depression, stress eczema, and a divorce that saved my life.

My first week at Big Jeff Audio was focused on training. I got to know the entire place and my co-workers. Catherine was a key figure; she showed me everything I needed to know, with the support of Alyaa. She explained the process of customer service at Big Jeff Audio, the art of asking the right questions according to the customer's needs, and how to handle common situations easily. They also showed me in detail all the applications we use for work.

During my second week at Big Jeff Audio, I felt welcome. I love my workspace, and my co-workers and supervisor are nice. I am learning something new every day from them. I'm also implementing new study routines during downtime to gain knowledge about audio equipment and the brands we sell.

My responsibilities involve assisting customers through calls, texts, and emails. This week, I had tasks such as handling additional shipping, answering TikTok messages, addressing Amazon-related inquiries, and other tasks I perform when not too busy, including website audits, category audits, and working on my personal blog.

The work environment is pleasant, and I feel comfortable with the work. I appreciate the methodology and the breaks between working hours. Communication at this workplace has never been so easy and fast, thanks to the various methods we use, which make our work more fluid.

Some important things I always try to apply when helping people are confirming the information, showing cordiality and empathy, and providing the solution that the client needs.

My goal in this job is to learn something new every day, be an integral part of the team, and stay for the long term. Thank you, Big Jeff Audio.

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