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My Debut At Big Jeff Audio

My Debut At Big Jeff Audio

If you come to Big Jeff Audio for sound, you'll never leave with a frown!

We work directly with manufacturers and even have in-house products (Take note of our 6000W battery, available for pre-order) to assure you the best of the best.

Making my debut with the team has been nowhere near a rough start. On the contrary, coming from the north, I've been shown nothing but southern hospitality.

I've been fascinated by the car scene for a while now and having the opportunity to work directly within that industry (mainly on the sound side) brings me nothing but more reason to perfect my learning. As with the stock market, you can't just walk in, put $500 in a certain stock and expect millions in your account waking up the following morning. Same goes here. We sell a variety of products from different brands and I'm taking my time to soak it all in, from subwoofers to amplifiers, even batteries. With all of that acquired knowledge, providing the best service to you guys would just be a reflex.

Shoutout to Big Jeff for making me a part of the team. On an ending note, I hope you fellow bassheads have a wonderful weekend.

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