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Massive Audio 15" BOA

Massive Audio 15" BOA

Talk about IMPRESSIVE! The Massive Audio 15” BOA makes its presence known with its impressive size, high wattage, and adding absolutely stunning bass to every build it’s incorporated in! For this brilliant beauty, we are looking at a 3” voice coil to support all of that earth rumbling bass, a magnet weight of 108 oz that holds this puppy together, and a sleek black basket to give this subwoofer the lustrous, artful design that it really deserves. This subwoofer stands out amongst the rest of our collection for several reasons that go beyond just it’s appearance.

The price of this subwoofer scares most, and hey, I understand completely. I am by no regard MoneyMan McGee over here, so I know that when you see that $2,039.99 price tag you’re probably thinking, “This guy is insane trying to sell this!” But I’m hoping to have your mind changed by the end of this blog to where you’re thinking, “This guy is clever, he really answered my questions.” About that price tag, yeah, it is scary, but we do offer more financing options now! Go to our direct website and try to sign up with them so you can secure your hands on one of these bad boys! Overall, despite the price, you are paying for a great quality, high performance SPL subwoofer that has a MAX of 12k watts, and is built to last. One look at the specs on this bad boy and you understand what you’re paying for!

Speaking of the quality, another feature that has always piqued my interest on this sub is the basket and the spiders! This subwoofer is bolted to the basket and is made of aluminum and is coated in an industrial texture to ensure that this sucker lasts for a while. Then there are the SIX layer spiders that this subwoofer has, built so you can get the cleanest and loudest sound out of them without a single stress.

Lastly, the specs … This subwoofer is one of the most impressive subwoofers we have when it comes to wattage, 6000W RMS and 12,000W MAX and this sucker is built at 1 OHM for the most bass for your buck? It is really hard to pass up! The size is another thing that I can understand is scary, “Where would I put a sub like this?” Well, the car audio man’s man knows exactly the plan if they’re buying a subwoofer like this and the description even gives you enclosure specs to help in finding one or even BUILDING one yourself.

This subwoofer overall is extremely impressive, it is an attractive piece to look at, it has incredible specs, and when you look in the description you can SEE where the price comes from! I hope to see some orders for this bad boy soon from y’all!

  • Isaac Lynch, CSR Big Jeff Audio
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