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Made Of Steel Show

Made Of Steel Show

The car audio community, in my eyes, are one of the longest standing, continuously growing communities.

And if I must give thanks, I give it to Jeff. Coming into this company not knowing squat about car audio besides the fact that they coming with a radio and speakers built in the car already.. Over the last 9 months, it’s been a journey, and I’m happy I’ve turned into one of y’all favorite CSR reps!

We as a company, we have been trying to get more imbedded into the car audio community. Sure, we sell the product, but going to shows gives us a chance to finally see you guys and be a part of the hobby, the lifestyle.

2023 is our year, this is the year we are more involved. The first car show we went to, really brought us some recognition, Love 4 Bass was fun. And just by us joining the show and promoting, we have now had invitations to over 20 shows in just a few months. As overwhelming as that is, we are trying our very best to attend and give back to our community!

Below is a list of our up and coming, I hope to see y’all there!

Thanks, Alyaa Franks



Car, Truck, Jeep & Bike – 4/8/2023

1101 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater FL 33756

Made of Steel – 5/19/23-5/20/2023

215 Sydney Washer RD. Dover, FL 33527

Musical Wars – 11/11/2023 & 11/12/2023,

100 Hermit Smith RD, Apopka FL 32703


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