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Kicker, Livin’ Loud 🔊

Kicker, Livin’ Loud 🔊

Like most companies, Kicker has been around for a while.. 1973, I’m pretty sure bread was still a quarter back then. But what really amazes me, is the fact that it’s CONSTANTLY sought after ‘til this day. Kicker is one of a handful of brands that were customer requested.. Y’all begged for it, manifested it even, to a point where Jeff became Santa overnight. 

Kicker all started out as a 2 man mission, much like Jeff’s story, they hand built speaker systems in a one car garage [comparable to Jeff, from Big Jeff, doing CCTV and audio from his Miami, FL garage].  

Kicker was originally made for use behind the seat in pick up trucks, mainly out of Oklahoma.

Enough about the back story, lets get into some product, mainly my favorite since we brought this line in, The 47QL7R122. 

This is a Loaded Ported Box, including FOUR [4] 12” L7R subwoofers. 

When I say this box is awesome, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  

Let me reiterate the LOADED portion of the description, not only does it come loaded, it includes 4 L7R’s, which if you all didn’t know, the L7 series is the square subwoofers. Because who wants circles now a days..  

This box kicks out a continuous power handling wattage of 2,400, and a max of 4,800W. Pre-wired at 2ohms, with the port perfectly flared and tuned to 31Hz, and a sensitivity rating of 98dB. 

This Quad box is made with heavy, birch-veneer plywood and thick internal bracing, which keeps this enclosure stable, even under extreme SPL levels.  

Wrapped smoothly in a durable black carpet and custom embroidered with the “Kicker” logo.

Basically, this box kicks some serious b u t t. I can see this box sitting pretty at a future car show.. We’ll see.  

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