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Ill Customz – Customize your Build

Ill Customz – Customize your Build

We’re talking about ILL Customz in this blog. The owner, Cal Olson, started out in 2014 making buss bars at a machine shop where he was working. He didn’t have much luck at first and the bars sat until 2015 when he became unemployed. Then, his father borrowed $3,000 for him and his business. He placed a few small orders with some local shops and decided to give some Facebook car audio groups a try. Here it is 8 years later, and he has a successful business and several dealers to help him out.

We have a nice variety of Ill Customz products to pick from for all your car audio installation needs. Everything from alternator blocks, amplifier inputs, and battery terminals to distribution blocks, fuse holders, and buss bars. The various sizes for the distribution blocks include 4in-4out, 6in-6out, 8in-8out, all in 1/0 gauge. The aluminum buss bars are meticulously buffed to a shine and come in sets for 6 or 12 cell battery builds. The battery terminals vary in size and styles including the 4-lug input style, 6-input, and 8-input. We also carry their reusable 1/0-gauge aluminum lugs/ring terminals as well as the various sizes of amplifier reducers such as 1/0, 4, and 8 gauges. And for the audio builds that fit in tight spaces you can also choose from the angled options we have.

So, if you need to upgrade your power supply give us a call and we can help you out. As always bass heads bass on! 🤘


By Dian Austin

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