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From Ebay to Retail

From Ebay to Retail

Recently, very recently even, I have been dealing with a customer mainly through eBay. For the sake of privacy, we’ll call him Reginald. Reginald at first was extremely kind, he had questions about what battery we could get him on a budget and I recommended the UC 31 B stock. It’s an ultra-capacitor that packed a punch for what he needed it for and was within the budget he had informed me of. A couple of minutes later and we get an extremely long message from Reggie saying that the UC 31 was trash, that is should be a “D” stock and that it isn’t worth $100, how we are scam artists and how he’s going to leave a bad review.

I do not back down easy, I wasn’t going to let him go without knowing the exact reason as to why I recommended it to him and addressed his worries. Reggie was stressed that the B Stock may not work and that he would be getting one with a huge hole in the top (this is the worst case with these B stock, and as long as I have worked here a customer has not received one). Me and my coworker Mandy gave him comfort that all of the photos he was seeing on our listing were not in fact the ultra-cap he would be receiving but were just photos that showcased some of the cosmetic defectives that these B Stocks had.

As if the pearly gates themselves opened, he apologized. He expressed how he works overnights and that in the mornings he tends to be on edge and irritable, he informed us that he did in fact want to purchase this B stock, but was worried about it in case it was damaged in transit and he wouldn’t be able to do anything about returning it as it is a B stock.

This was my time to shine! I let him know that we did offer a shipping warranty through our direct site that would help with this very issue! That seemed to seal the deal for Reggie as a few days later we were getting messages from him on our chat on our direct site, asking not only about that UC 31, but Mart’s Digital Amps, American Bass tweeters, and, before I even knew it, he’d gone from an $100 cart to a $500 cart! He was so kind and understanding, learning from his past experiences of being irritable in the morning, even when we were having difficulties checking him out on our site he thanked me for being of service and getting him everything he needed. I made sure to let him know we appreciated him and his patience as well!

This just shows that a little extra effort can take a customer from being a one time buyer on another platform to being a loyal customer on your direct platform! Always be sure to make these connections so your customers feel heard and appreciated!

Thanks, Isaac Lynch


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