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Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe?

One thing that may be misunderstood about a customer service rep, is that we do not always have all the information you may need on hand. You may be that 1 in a million customer that just stumps us .. And the best part about Big Jeff Audio, is that we are very Intune and communicative with our manufacturers. If we don’t have the answer for you, it just takes a short email and we’re pretty quick to get back with you, so please, bare with us when needing more information .. And keep in mind that we are not professional installers, with the basic and/or more advanced knowledge we have as customer service reps, we will make a combo for you, but as far as wiring and more in-depth installing questions, we are very minimally equipped to help with.

So, lets get into a stick situation .. Mr. Johnson, a regular, day to day, small time customer. He was a customer that called in and needed a little help with his check out process, since he was very computer illiterate. With no issue, another rep, Dian, helped him check out his cart after 4 phone calls, one exceeded an hour. [ Which Kudos to her !! ]

Mr. Johnson checked out with some deaf bonce subs and a dual pre-fab 12” enclosure. No issue at all, he knew what he wanted, he added it to his cart, then he paid his hard earned money! Once that order arrived to him, he decided to go to a local person to install it for him .. Now he was told by the outsider that the subs did not work with his enclosure, since his enclosure had an airspace of 1.5cf and the sub was 1.7cf .. Which we all know, it will work, with minimal change in the sound quality. The customer was convinced that the subs would blow the box up.. LOL.

He then proceeded to contact us, with threats, with lies, very agitated. And us giving the best service we could possibly give, we sat with him, talked him down, returned his box, gave him contacts to get a custom box made specifically for those subs, then at the end of the call he was ready to give his card to purchase an amp he didn’t even have a use for!

In short.. We truly do the best we can, through every stressful, angry, loud and complex situation. We at Big Jeff Audio attempt to give everyone, regardless of size, weight, nationally, sexual preference and gender, the BEST possible customer service experience we can.

Alyaa Franks, CSR Big Jeff Audio

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