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Elevating Driving Pleasure: A Conversation with Bavsound's Tom Schingen, Scott Newcomb, and Justin Rowley

Elevating Driving Pleasure: A Conversation with Bavsound's Tom Schingen, Scott Newcomb, and Justin Rowley


In the realm where innovation meets passion, Bavsound stands out as a trailblazer, setting new standards for high-quality, direct-fit, plug-and-play audio upgrades in the dynamic world of car audio. Recently, we had the privilege to sit down with Tom Schingen and Scott Newcomb, the driving forces behind Bavsound, along with the brand's tech support guru, Justin Rowley. Join us as we unravel Bavsound's journey, mission, and the technological marvels that define its success in the car audio industry.

Q1: Redefining the Audio Experience:

Bavsound's mission is clear—to redefine the audio experience in premium vehicles through high-quality, direct-fit, plug-and-play upgrades. Tom and Scott share their commitment to simplicity and customer satisfaction, aiming to make the process of upgrading your car's audio system as luxurious as the vehicle itself.

Q2: The Birth of Bavsound and Evolution Over the Years:

Founded by BMW enthusiasts in 2004, Bavsound emerged from dissatisfaction with the audio quality in luxury cars. Tom details the brand's evolution, from off-the-shelf speakers to becoming pioneers of direct-fit, plug-and-play solutions. Listening to the BMW community's feedback and collaborating with engineers played a crucial role in this transformative journey.

Q3: Direct Fit Car Audio Upgrades and Bavsound's Distinction:

Bavsound elaborates on the concept of "direct fit car audio upgrades," emphasizing precision and simplicity. With no adapters or wire harness hassles, Bavsound's plug-and-play solutions simplify the installation process, making it as straightforward as assembling Ikea furniture.

Q4: Technological Advancements and Innovative Design:

Scott sheds light on the technological advancements and innovations that contribute to Bavsound's high-quality car audio upgrades. Leveraging unique features in BMWs, such as 3-leg mounted speakers, the brand focuses on quality materials, innovative design, and continuous tweaks for optimal performance, resulting in distortion-free, high-quality sound.

Q5: User-Friendly Installation and Customer Support:

Bavsound prioritizes user-friendly installation with 100% plug-and-play products. Backed by an exceptional customer support team and a rich database of installation videos, they guide customers through the process. A 100-day free in-car trial and a 4-year warranty underscore the brand's dedication to ensuring a positive and risk-free experience.

Q6: Collaborations and Partnerships:

Bavsound's growth has been organic, fueled by satisfied customers and word of mouth. While focusing on international expansion, the brand explores collaborations within the audio community. Influencers and partnerships with brands like Big Jeff Audio showcase Bavsound's commitment to innovation.

Conclusion: What's Next for Bavsound?

As Bavsound continues to grow and innovate under current leadership, the focus remains on establishing the brand internationally and forging new partnerships. With a niche in BMWs and a dedication to delivering high-quality audio solutions, stay tuned for exciting developments and innovations. Catch Tom, Scott, and the Bavsound team at events like SEMA in Vegas and Bimmer Invasion, where they showcase the latest in the world of car audio, elevating the driving pleasure for enthusiasts worldwide.

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