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Customer Service Situations

Customer Service Situations

Working at Big Jeff Audio has truly been an amazing experience. I can honestly say that I have never had a job quite like it. Not just because I’ve never worked in an office environment, or even because I had no prior experience in car audio, but because we have a team who truly act as a family.

For example, When we had a customer degrade one of our employees, Big Jeff stepped up and made sure that the customer (and the rest of the world) knew what he did was unacceptable.

At Big Jeff Audio, we love ALL of our customers and appreciate them. However, when one of them go on a rampage for weeks, single handedly call out an employee, and write negative reviews on every platform, after we did everything that we could possibly do to help him, Big Jeff will make sure he gets put in line!  

I don’t think I have ever experienced a boss have an employees back more than Big Jeff has in this customer service situation!


  • Mandy Sprague, CSR, Big Jeff Audio


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