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Customer Service Situations

Customer Service Situations

Word of mouth, whether good or bad can make or break a company.

For this blog, I want to focus on a customer, lets name her Dots. Dots did make a big purchase, in which I commend her! But due to a system change, her combo was not all recorded as one. Once Dots called in and notified us of the mistake, it was fixed, IMMEDIATELY! And as a customer service rep, I apologized, immensely, to a point to where, she needed an item and we gave it to her free of charge for the inconvenience.. Oh was she thankful, happy to get her new Valentine’s day system from her boyfriend!

We shipped it out same day, the next day we updated Dots with her new tracking number, and down fell the building.. Dots personality flipped and she instantly accused the company of fraud, due to our online mistake.. In which no amount of apologizing could fix.

We reiterated the mistake, provided free items, and that still was not satisfactory.

Once a customer is angry past no return, they bring up reviews, not only google but social media too. And like our mothers said when we were younger, once it is on the internet, it NEVER goes away. And it becomes a “he said, she said” battle.

All in all, please be advised that mistakes are human, we as a company, and individually as a CSR, do the best we can to keep you satisfied.

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