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Customer Service Situations

Customer Service Situations

Crazy story… We always say, “the customer is always right,” but that’s just a general rule to make the customer satisfied.. but for this story, he absolutely was.. right, that is.

This customer, for giggles, his name is Gizmo.

So, Gizmo, wrote in stating that his 6 year old sister brought his package inside, carried it up some stairs and left it on his bed.. Kinda amazed, because he bought a 50lb battery.

When he went to open his box, an even bigger surprise, it was full of air. So he did what any customer SHOULD do, and contacted us directly, as soon as he realized.

Now, of course it wasn’t a believable story, because what carrier would deliver an empty box.

Our first instance was to check our security cameras, and we definitely put the battery in there.

When the battery was shipped, it was weighed at 48lbs, however, when delivered, it was weighed at 3lbs…

You tell me what happened? 🤭

Here’s some DO’s to follow when handling an irate or upset customer:

  • Reassure customer that you are looking into it.
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up – especially if this is not a situation that has a quick solution.
  • Do not promise a customer anything you are not sure of.
  • APOLOGIZE – SYMPATHIZE – UNDERSTAND [ even if it is not your fault ]
  • Offer something else on top of a solution [ i.e, freebies, future discount, a little push to keep the customer ]
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