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Customer Service Check List

Customer Service Check List

Have you ever called the customer service department and wondered why every call seems so professional and well thought out? Easy! We have a quality control checklist and get graded on calls that we have with you!  

One check on this list is answering calls with a prior introduction; giving you our name, where we work, and asking how we can help. This way you know who we are, who you’re calling, and we, as the CSR team, can get to solving your issues as fast as possible. Another point is we need to ensure we are using proper etiquette, no foul language, making sure we’re speaking clearly and loudly, etc. We don’t want to give off an air of unprofessionalism when you call the customer service team, as we are the ones responsible for helping you with any issues you may have, and don’t want to be seen as too casual.   

We want to make sure that we speak clearly, that way you can also understand and hear all the information we’re providing you! Last week, I already discussed the importance of researching and providing the customer with the correct answer, and that is another check on our quality control checklist!  

Lastly, holds, holds, holds! We always make sure to use proper etiquette when it comes to putting a customer on hold. We first ensure to ask if it is okay to put the customer on hold, or if they would rather, we call them back; we don’t want a customer to feel as if they’re trapped waiting for an answer, especially if we believe it may take longer than expected. Generally, after ~30 seconds, we will try our best to pull you off hold and let you know that the answer you need may take longer than expected and ask if it is okay to call/text/email you with the answer.   

These are all checks and points that are listed in our quality checklist to ensure we provide you with fast, professional, and proper care and resolve any issues you may have 🙌. 


By Isaac Lynch 

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