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Free shipping with delivery in 2-4 days See details



Claims.. What’s the hold up?

Claims.. What’s the hold up?

As a customer service rep, we do get a gang of questions, whether it’s tech, recommendations, or just stock checking. The majority of our emails do have a lot to do with shipping.

Shipping costs, shipping carriers, shipping speeds, and my all time least favorite, shipping claims. There’s a lot that does go into claims, even us trying to make it as fast and seamless as possible, we still fall short because the decision will always be dictated by the carrier.

Just an idea:

UPS – claims are usually resolved within 10 business days, on average.

FedEx – a resolution time of 5 to 7 business days.

USPS – a 5-to-10-day resolution time.

And that’s not even guaranteed, there could be special circumstances that make this process all that much longer. Which results in more of an inconvenience, and less of an inclination to be patient and cooperative.

We listened, we researched, and we brought you something special. Something you didn’t know you needed. We partnered with UPS Capitol, which in the end, is a huge help for us and YOU! No more waiting for damaged claims or lost packages! Not to toot their horn, but their resolution time is about 24hours, if not less!

From the Big Jeff Team, you are welcome, you are heard, and we WILL accommodate.

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