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Car Radar Detector 101 

Car Radar Detector 101 


One of the most common questions when customers buy a radar/laser detector at is why isn’t this thing going on when I have 5 police cars next to me?  What kind of radar detectors are available and how do they work?   Well Big Jeff made a video that you can watch right here explaining everything and what you need to know about those questions and more.   

Now, what are radar detectors?

Radar/Laser Detectors are this normally small and discrete gadget that tells you when a law enforcement officer is tracking speeds at any road, intersection, highway with a speed gun. How does that work?  That’s easy, they emit a signal with said speed gun and when it bounces back from your vehicle it lets the officer know how fast you are going, if you are over the limit, well… you know what happens!  Now, with a radar detector you will know as soon as it finds that signal in the area, it will start beeping, making noise, a racket just to alert you and have you slow down before the police officer gets you.  Most of them use different signal bands (frequencies) like  X, K, KA,POP and Laser, some devices are capable of detecting some or all of them, like the Radenso XP, that you can find at, this one is awesome and very convenient with GPS Lockout to tell you where all the traffic cameras are, long range to detect the signal before it gets you and many more features, be sure to check it out if you are looking to buy one, we got that one and more, like the Radenso Pro-M and a really cool one the Radenso DS1. There are many in the market we also sell the Uniden DFR1 a really affordable entry level radar detector.

Now there are 3 types of radars,  corded, cordless and remote mount, but they all work under the same concept.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase,  you get your radar detector, install it, are ready to go fast and furious and then you see a police officer and nothing happens!  There is one main reason for that, the officer is not using the speed gun! If it isn’t on, your radar detector got nothing to detect!  No, your radar is not defective!  

Are radar detectors legal?  Yes they are legal in many states for personal vehicles, not commercial,  so if you are a truck driver, that’s a no no for you,  and many officers now have the capability of knowing if we have a radar detector in our vehicles, don’t risk it, be safe not sorry!  So, in summary they are legal in many states except for Washington D.C., Virginia and Mississippi.

Now that you know the basics about Radar Detectors is time to shop! Follow this link to get the best price, fastest shipping and awesome warranty!  Get me my Radar!



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