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Build the BEST Car Audio System

Build the BEST Car Audio System

Speakers, Amplifiers, & Stereos for Some Seriously Strong Sound


Get The Best In Mobile Audio


“Neill Barber's LOUD ASS Mids & Highs” — k3n12ock. YouTube.

Want Loud, Clear Mids? Get Pro Mobile Audio. 

Why get a loud car audio system? Because you can! Loud and loud is easy, but loud and clear can be a bit more complicated. Big Jeff Audio provides you all the components you need to achieve loud ass, CLEAR sounding mids. We sell:

The sound threshold for pain is 125 decibels. If you walked up and stuck your head inside a 747 jet engine, you would go deaf instantly, with its more than 200 decibels. The sound would also liquefy your bowels and you would die instantly. That’s not your normal car audio build. The typical car stereo is only around 75 to 80 decibels. That’s not enough to kill someone, but it is enough to make peoples’ hair stand up.

Need New, Hair Raising Car Speakers? Browse Our Massive Selection

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Feel The Noise

Strong bass is more felt than it is heard. The vibrations of a deep, loud bass can transform an otherwise “pleasant” experience driving around and listening to music into an event in and of itself.

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A Stronger Audio System Needs a Stronger Battery

Did you know that many people blow their new speakers or damage their vehicle when upgrading their audio system because they didn’t know they needed more watts from their battery? Making sure your new system is supported by the right battery size is crucial to avoid blowouts.

Find The Right Car Battery

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Get Help From The Pros

Need help determining what the best pro audio build for your car is? We can help. Rely on the expert staff at Big Jeff Audio to help you narrow down your options! You can call us at 352-304-6699 or reach out to us online.

Pro Car Speakers For Sale

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