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After some thought and consideration, balancing of schedules and time, we have decided to bring in something new. Something long awaited, something good for both us and our viewers.

The Big Sound Podcast!

Each and every Thursday, like a club event, at 7:30pm EST, we will be giving you nothing but A-list manufacturers in the car audio community.

Our goal for this podcast is not to only educate but unite.

Hitting you with topics like car shows, unboxings, Q and A’s, new and upcoming product releases, or just us kidding around.

As a man of my word, this podcast will never be less than great. We will aim to give tons of information, engage in your concerns and questions, and not leave any room for dead or awkward space.

As you know, I do leave room for ideas, so message away! Anything you’d like us to address, and questions you have, any items you want me to box up. Or even if you want me to run over another American Bass sub! This is for y’all.

This week’s lineup includes:

By Alyaa Franks

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