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Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast Profile: Will Braun

Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast Profile: Will Braun

We are just days away for the new Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast, and we are all ecstatic to show you all some topnotch content. One of our first guests will be Will Braun, Head of Social Media and Copywriting for Kicker. I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Braun, before we go live on Thursday May 11th at 7:30pm, so here is the inside scoop. Will has been in the audio industry for over 30 years now. Getting his start at Creative Acoustic, Will has put his stamp on many aspects of the industry, from mixing and mastering Hollywood TV and Film, to owning four stereo shops, to working with other audio brands such as JBL.

Now, at Kicker, Will’s main responsibility is to analyze the information they get from their buyers and by listening to what their customers are wanting. With all that feedback, they will then create new products and promote all the amazing creations Kicker comes out with.

The industry has changed a lot since Will got his start. The emergence of advanced technology that has been integrated in our cars, necessitated the need for smarter audio tools. Some of these tools include Kicker’s Key series technology that can use an AI-Driven DSP to automatically adjust sound going to the amplifier to get a more even response from your bass in moments.

The Big Bass movement faded into the background around ’07-’08 but has made quite a comeback in recent years. Will discussed the resurgence of Big Bass and how the SoloX subwoofer, that was famous for its competition award winning sound, has been rereleased with generational improvements.

All this and more will be discussed more in-depth on the podcast, Thursday the 11th for our live show at 7:30pm ET. You can tune in live on all the major social media platforms, you can always watch it later when the video is posted or listen to the audio only version wherever you get your podcasts.

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