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Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast Episode 1 Recap

Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast Episode 1 Recap

Last night we put on our first ever podcast live. We had three amazing guests, a ton of giveaways and a lot of fun. Kicker’s Will Braun, Sundown Audio’s Jacob Fuller, and XS Power’s Shawn Mayo, all joined us, and we had a blast talking about the different aspects of the car audio world they work in.

Will Braun gave us an inside look at what it takes to market products in the industry. All the analytics they use to gauge market sentiment is mind blowing. They get as many opinions as possible from their distributors, dealers, and of course their customers to create new products. In the case of the SoloX, listening to their audience is the main reason they re-released this sub in more sizes than the previous run.  

Jacob Fuller, spoke to the science they use to get their equipment to put out the highest quality sound. They are constantly creating at Sundown and are currently working on new subwoofers to improve excursion, and new uniquely designed frames in hopes of eventually building Jacob’s dream subwoofer.

Shawn Mayo provided a look at the competitive side of the industry. He spoke about the world record he broke just last week and is a multi-time world champion. Shawn also showed us one of their Titan8 batteries that supplies a massive amount of power in a small package and light weight.

With all of that we also gave away 6 prizes including 3 UC-31 B Stock ultracapacitors from Shawn at XS Power. Along with the ultracapacitors, 3 lucky people won our other giveaway prizes, including products from Dynamat, Bose, and a Big Jeff swag bag.

And that was the night in a nutshell. We had a few hiccups along the way but will surely get better with time. We are dedicated to making this as Big as we can. Thank you to all that tuned in or watched later. We will be on again Thursday, May 18th at 7:30 pm ET.


By Anthoni Taylor

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