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Big Sound Podcast Profile: John Schneid Dynamic Sales Marketing

Big Sound Podcast Profile: John Schneid Dynamic Sales Marketing

The next episode of the Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast is coming up this Thursday, June 1st at 7:30pm ET and we are excited to spend time with our audience; read your comments, answer your questions and as always giveaway some amazing prizes. Our guest list is full for the night and one of the guests we have joining us is John Schneid from Dynamic Sales Marketing.

The industry insider has been involved in mobile electronics from a young age. His father was a manufacturers representative from 1975 and was a Kicker rep from 1987. John started installing car audio and alarms when he was a highschooler. After that he worked at a stereo store doing installs and eventually formed his company in 2001. Much has changed since John started in high school, many of his first installations were in cars that didn’t have stereo systems in them. John has watched the evolution from cassette tapes, to CDs, to satellite, to streaming and has helped him be the eyes and ears of his customers and manufacturers.

John represents some of the best audio brands in the country, including Kicker, Dynamat, and the Epsilon Electronics brands, Power Acoustik and SoundStream among others. He is the bridge between your local dealer and the manufacturers. John has been able to consult with his industry partners to suggest ideas on what works and some of the real-world challenges installers can face.

The diversity of music genres today means manufacturers and dealers need to have a wide range of products available to their consumers. Whether they are looking for more highs or as much bass as possible, he can recognize those trends early and provide his customers and manufacturers with the insight to improve everyone’s business. John has a ton of fun in the industry and being able to sell the products he loves.

We are looking forward to asking him about all this and more on the show. So, tune in Thursday at 7:30pm ET to any of the Big Jeff Audio social media channels to watch, ask your questions and maybe be one of our lucky winners.

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