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Big Sound Podcast Profile: John Messer, Julio Rodriguez, Frank Carreras of Audiopipe

Big Sound Podcast Profile: John Messer, Julio Rodriguez, Frank Carreras of Audiopipe

We have a jam packed show this week with guests DJ Mark V and three members of the Audiopipe family all joining us for the Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast this Thursday June 22nd. We have John Messer, Julio Rodriguez, and Frank Carreras on to discuss the business, what they are working on, and of course our shared love of car audio. These three have a wealth of knowledge about car audio and have been steeped in the industry for years.

John Messer started with Audiopipe over 30 years ago when he was still in college and now, he manages Audiopipe’s distribution network in the USA. He was dedicated to helping the company and as they focused more on building high performance car audio products at a mid-level price, he knew they were on the right path.

Julio Rodriguez got his start in the industry working in an electronics shop at a local flea market when he was still in high school. Now, he works on product development and purchasing for Audiopipe. After poking a huge hole in a 12” subwoofer, he was taught how to handle a drill and instantly knew that he would be working with car audio for a long time.

Frank Carreras is the Director of Operations at Audiopipe and as a third-generation company man he has been around Audiopipe since he was a kid. He would spend summers in the warehouse packing boxes and learned to drive a forklift before he could get his driver’s license. When Frank was 16, he was selling sub combo kits in his high school parking lot, so car audio has always been in his blood. After college, as he sat bored at the desk of his investment banking job and thought of how much fun he had during those summers at Audiopipe; Frank knew it was time to make the change. Now he ensures the smooth operation of multiple departments in the company and that they are working together seamlessly.

Many things have changed in the industry since these guys began their journey. As car customization has shifted over the years car audio stands pat as a major staple in people’s customization projects. Social media has changed who and how many people can see a company’s products. Before a company would showcase products at a car meet, SEMA show, or even on their website but now they can reach around the globe with the expansion of social media platforms.

We can’t wait to talk to these Audiopipe guys to see what they have planned in the coming months and all things car audio. The conversation will begin at 7:30pm ET this Thursday June 22nd and the 16K giveaway winner will be announced at the of the night so tune in and see if you have the luck of the draw.

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